Satex chemie is a German company which produces a wide range of construction chemistry materials on 6 countries.We are using the latest Nano Technologies on our products and having a great scientific progress every year, for offering the construction market new products.And also our company products meet all requirements of the DIN German Inspection Standards and EN Standarts.We are working on 4 construction areas and producing 125 diffeent type of products.

       1- In the field of restoration materials for historical monuments of architecture:

       Special mixtures for cleaning and restorating of facades of buildings and hydrophobic materials for surface protection.Also special restorative materials based on lime that do not have cement.

        2- In the field of floor coverings:

  Industrial and decorative bulk floors

  Paints and elements for painting

  Decorative and industrial floors on epoxy and polyurethane basis

  Restoration and restoration materials

  Special mixtures and injections for concrete floors.

       3- In the field of concrete additives and mixtures for concrete:

  Mixtures, additives for concrete and plaster solutions

  Special additives for concrete solutions used in water

  Mixtures for concrete solutions

  Special additives for the use of concrete in hot and cold weather.

       4- In the construction area:

  One and two component insulating and waterproofing materials on mineral and bitumen base

  Glues and joint fillers for faience, ceramic and marble slabs

  Repairing materials on mineral basis for concrete, injections on polyurethane and epoxy basis, special mixtures.